About Us

UCC Canoe Club was founded in 1975 and has been a major part of UCC sports ever since. The club has an average of 35 active members with many others coming and going throughout the year. It is a fantastic way to get out and meet new people and it certainly is a place to make friends for life.

The Club is free to join and we have all the gear you will ever need to Kayak in our gear sheds located just to the left of the Drive-in entrance to the Mardyke Arena.

We train on Wednesdays in the Mardyke pool from 10.30pm to 11.30 pm and on Fridays, meeting at the sheds just inside the drive-in entrance to the Mardyke at 2.15pm and we always welcome new members.

We must emphasize however that we are not limited to these two sessions alone and are often posting up in our Facebook group hoping to paddle throughout the week with freshers always welcome to join us. We also run regular river trips for all of our members starting with small rivers and working our way up to the big stuff!

Despite our name being Canoe we are a largely kayaking club, however our canoes do get several outings throughout the year as seen below.

Dog in canoe

We teach 3 main disciplines of Kayaking. Freestyle, Whitewater and Polo. We also do Slalom and Long Distance at competitive events such as Intervarsities. Intervarsities is our main competition for the year and all of the training we do is gearing up to perform as well as we possibly can there.